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Crack in the wall, Maine, 2014

Light from the stained glass window, Maine, 2014

Mom sunbathing, Maine, 2013

Trevor on the roof, Maine, 2013

Mom at sunset, Maine, 2013

Douglas at the train station, New York, 2013

The porch, Maine, 2013

Trevor and Owen playing mercy, Maine, 2013

Wreath, Maine 2013

In the garage, Maine, 2014

Liam bowling, Christmas, Maine, 2013

Dad and Liam at the Old Seasons Inn, Maine, 2013

Playing risk, Maine 2013

Trevor and Owen going to shovel, Maine, 2013

Mothers beach, Maine, 2014

Home movie still (chairs), 2014

Liam practicing, Maine, 2014

Smelling the hydrangeas, Maine, 2014

Trevor and Owen at 14, Maine, 2014

Home movie still (Dad), 2014